Strategic Planning
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Commitment 2

Improve customer outcomes in new projects using innovative, flexible, and user-centric design processes


Across DC’s 80+ Mayoral agencies, independent agencies, and other customers, the technology needs are as diverse as the services they provide. To serve those diverse needs, OCTO regularly provides technology solutions that are tailored to specific stakeholders. In many cases, we also add new and innovative solutions to meet agencies’ growing needs.

Moving forward, our goal is to make sure that when an agency asks for our tailored technology solutions and support we work with them to design a solution that best meets their needs. This will require us to take a more customer-centric approach to understand end user’s needs well enough to design and implement easy-to-use solutions that are well adopted and loved.

This will ensure that our solutions will regularly exceed agency expectations.

To make sure we meet this goal, we will also improve our ability to measure the progress we’ve made and gather feedback.

"Having a broader pool of stakeholders will drive us towards innovative solutions, creates measurable improvements, and sets meaningful expectations for District IT"

Stephen Miller
Associate CTO for Applications
and Commitment 2 Lead