Strategic Planning
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Commitment 9

Develop a portfolio management model that can capture the value of services and facilitate decision-making


OCTO takes seriously the technology investments we make with taxpayer dollars. OCTO also recognizes that this responsibility comes with the need to create transparency into value for our end customers. Historically, we have not been able to quantify the value as precisely as we would have liked.

To be able to articulate the value of technology investments, we are developing a financial management model to define the cost of services and calculate the return on investment (ROI) of our services.

The financial model will be augmented with a process to support effective decision-making on which projects and services are prioritized and which will be sunset.

"We must consistently create value for our customers and being able to see where and when to invest or sunset services will be critical."

Tehsin Faruk
Deputy Chief of Staff and
Commitment 9 Lead