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Commitment 5

Design and leverage enterprise architecture to advise agencies and make strategic technology decisions for DC


An enterprise architecture for technology is the conceptual technology blueprint that defines the structure and operations of an organization. It helps an organization determine how they can best achieve current and future technology objectives. OCTO currently lacks a framework to guide how DC Government evaluates and makes technology decisions. In addition, we have no formal process to give agencies advice on their technology decisions. As a result, we are missing an opportunity to ensure that technology is consistently used to best serve DC residents and to support the Mayor’s vision for DC.

Moving forward, we would like to better support agency technology use with our knowledge and expertise whenever possible. To accomplish this, we hope to create a formal system to support agency technology decisions. Our approach may include creating criteria to help agencies evaluate whether a technology solution is the best option to address the challenge they are facing. We also hope to improve the IT Investment Review Board’s ability to decide whether technology projects are financially worthwhile.

An effective review will mean DC Government is getting the most value for each dollar spent on technology. Finally, to help agencies and residents understand our technology strategy for DC Government, we hope to publish a 3- to 5-year technology roadmap for DC. We will work with agency CIOs and DC Government to make sure the roadmap incorporates the technology needs of all stakeholders.

"Every successful organization needs to periodically take stock and realign resources to deliver the greatest impact. We will bring increased intentionality and focus to the application of technology, amplifying the ability of the government to deliver valued services to DC stakeholders."

Francisco Reinoso
Deputy CTO and
Commitment 5 Lead