Strategic Planning
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Commitment 3

Secure data and systems by providing governance, solutions, and developing a culture of vigilance


Like other governments, DC faces increased cybersecurity risk as hackers seek to disrupt the day-to-day operations of the Nation’s Capital. As systems become increasingly connected and aging systems become difficult to secure, the world has seen an escalation in cyberattacks. These attacks can rob individuals of their privacy and cripple governments.

Historically, OCTO has been able to protect DC Government from the most serious attacks and safeguard residents’ privacy. However, every day cyberattacks become more sophisticated, more prevalent, and more difficult to prevent. OCTO is committed to meeting this challenge head-on by making cybersecurity one of our top priorities.

We will do all we can to protect DC Government.

We will standardize how we monitor whether agencies are prepared for cyberattacks, including developing a clear process to find potential weaknesses before they are exploited. Agencies and DC Government employees also play a critical role in securing DC. Moving forward, we hope to make it easier for agencies and employees to understand their role in protecting residents and government technology. To do so, we will write and publish policies that explain the specific actions agencies and employees need to take. In addition, we will provide training so everyone feels equipped to safeguard the government to the best of their abilities.

"Every employee plays a critical role in protecting the District's network and data and we must equip our workforce with the tools and knowledge to minimize cybersecurity risks."

Suneel Cherukuri
Chief Information Security
Officer and Commitment 3 Lead