Strategic Planning
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Commitment 4

Manage, organize, and leverage data to facilitate DC government mission delivery


Data has the potential to drastically improve the lives of DC residents, businesses, and visitors. New advances in big data and artificial intelligence will only create new possibilities.

However, to be valuable, data needs to be collected, stored, and analyzed appropriately. Often, using data to solve the complex problems facing DC Government requires sharing data across agencies. However, in some cases, data contains sensitive information that is important to protect.

OCTO has laid the groundwork to help DC Government better use data by providing agencies opportunities to share, store, and analyze data to uncover insights to improve government services for residents. Over the next few years, OCTO will improve how agencies and the Mayor’s office proactively use data to identify the needs of residents and provide services to address these needs. We will work with agencies to ensure they have the tools to manage, organize, and leverage data to make better decisions.

"As one government with state, city, and county functions, DC has inherent advantages in sharing data. For me, ‘unleashing the possible,’ means living up to DC’s potential to be the most integrated government in the country from a data perspective."

Barney Krukoff
Chief Data Officer and
Commitment 4 Lead