Strategic Planning
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Commitment 6

Attract, cultivate, and retain top civic innovators


Having the best, dedicated people is essential to provide valued technology advice and services to DC Government. As a result, OCTO understands the importance of bringing-in, training, supporting, and, ultimately, retaining top talent. We hope to build upon our current workforce to create an organization of individuals dedicated to OCTO’s mission to serve DC Government and ultimately DC residents, businesses, and visitors. In addition, we recognize how important innovation will be given the rapid pace of technology change. As a result, we hope to cultivate a workforce that embraces new ideas and pushes the boundaries on what is possible.

To accomplish these goals, we plan to focus on recruitment, engagement, and employee development. We will meet diverse, top talent where they are. This may mean finding creative opportunities and new partnerships to get potential recruits engaged with and excited about OCTO. We will also create an employee engagement committee to develop and execute projects to improve the employee experience (e.g., organize a service day, design an awards program).

We will provide career development for our employees, including developing career pathways and training on key skills such as communication, problem solving, and strategic thinking. Ultimately, OCTO employees are the heart of OCTO. We want our workforce to have the skills they need to succeed, feel supported, and be empowered to take on the technology challenges of today and tomorrow.

"Real empowerment and accountability breeds trust within your culture, which fuels peak performance."

Carol Harrison
Chief of Staff and
Commitment 6 Lead