Strategic Planning
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Commitment 7

Foster a culture of accountability, empowerment, and collaboration across OCTO


To successfully meet our commitment to agencies, we hope to make OCTO more accountable, empowered, and collaborative. Providing an environment where individuals feel empowered is essential to drive peak performance and employee satisfaction – and ultimately best serves agencies.

We believe such mobility and collaboration will help employees broaden their understanding of end-to-end customer needs and bring the best of OCTO to all customers.

This increase in collaboration will also foster a sense of community and belonging for our employees.

To accomplish this, we will develop tools to improve collaboration across functional areas and increase opportunities for employees to learn about other parts of OCTO (e.g., an onboarding guide for new employees, an internal OCTO directory).

In addition, we hope to make celebrating success a part of our DNA to empower and motivate our employees. To support accountability, we will update role descriptions and create performance plans to more clearly define roles, responsibilities, and expectations for employees.

"Real empowerment and accountability breeds trust within your culture, which fuels peak performance."

Arturo Weldon
Associate CTO for Infrastructure and
Commitment 7 Lead