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Spotlight on the digital resident experience

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Every day, thousands of residents depend on DC Government to deliver a variety of public services reliably and conveniently. And people only continue to demand more from government. Especially in the digital age, residents are looking for a seamless digital experience, where DC Government provides more services online so that residents can interact with their government from anywhere, gives residents more real-time data so they can make the best decisions, and makes it possible to get services as quickly and easily as possible. As DC’s technology agency, OCTO plays a critical role in supporting agencies’ ability to meet these increasing demands.

A seamless digital government experience requires a reliable technology foundation, including IT infrastructure, WiFi, cloud, data management and storage, and more. These services are at the heart of what we do. Delivering on these basics and providing custom application development for our agencies helps DC Government deliver the digital services that meet the needs of residents. We also recognize the importance of safeguarding residents and their data. To engage with our digital services, residents need to trust that we will keep them and their data safe. Our plan prioritizes security so that agencies can focus on providing services and residents can focus on their day-to-day lives. Together, we hope to unleash what is possible for our agencies and, ultimately, our residents.