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Draft Technology Strategic Plan for DC:
Unleashing the Possible

The mission of the Office of the Chief Technology Officer is to empower DC government through technology by providing valued services, advising agencies, and collaboratively governing IT.

From the CTO

Lindsey Parker

DC Chief Technology Officer

"I love my job. Every day, I get to work with the more than 600-person team at OCTO to serve those who serve our Nation’s Capital. That’s why we’ve laid out this plan: to support the more than 36,000 members of the DC Government workforce and help them deliver results for DC’s residents, businesses, and visitors."

Empowering DC through Technology

Technology is changing how governments work. When a student walks into class, he logs onto his computer. When a police officer responds to a call, her bodycam automatically records the incident. In the District of Columbia (DC) alone, there are over 43,000 government employees across more than 80 agencies that do everything from inspecting our food to picking-up trash to maintaining our streets. These employees serve over 700,000 residents, 5,000 businesses, and over 22 million visitors each year. They can’t do their jobs without cutting-edge technology.

Since Y2K almost 20 years ago, we’ve served the employees of DC Government by giving them the technology they need to do their jobs. In many places we’ve done a good job – we run the District’s 700-mile fiber network connecting over 650 government buildings; we provide District employees’ laptops, phone and mobile devices; every year our platforms handle more than 740 million emails, 520,000 procurement transactions, 37,000 employment records, benefits, time and attendance and payroll; and our websites receive more than 25 million visits annually.

Spotlight on Cloud

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Ensuring Success

We hope to gather and continuously solicit feedback on the plan from all our stakeholders. Our goal is to adjust and revise the strategy to be meet the needs of DC Government and residents, and we can't accomplish this goal without your close collaboration and input. As a result, we hope you will engage with us to ensure the plan is a success. You can provide feedback on the current version of the plan here.

In addition, we will measure key performance indicators (KPIs) across five performance dimensions. Read out Performance Plan below:

What we heard

To develop this plan, we asked our biggest customers — agencies — what they wanted to see in our strategic plan. Through a series of interviews, we gathered insights and identified what agencies want OCTO to prioritize. Below are a few quotes that capture the themes we heard.

  • "I’d love to have a member of OCTO spend time at our agency, learn how we work, and be able to explain how OCTO can help us better use technology."

  • "I want OCTO to keep reliably providing the basics, like email and the network, so I can focus on providing services to residents!"

  • "Sometimes I want to customize or tailor applications to my unique business processes…I’d love OCTO’s guidance and help since they often have a deeper understanding of the functionality of specific applications."

  • "OCTO could add value by developing a process for agencies to share best practices."

  • "We’d love to know exactly how our dollars are spent at OCTO."

  • "I don’t want to worry about cybersecurity—let me worry about my agency’s mission!"

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